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Through strategy consulting and coaching, Strategic Glue focuses on key strategy areas of marketing that foster growth and value creation. We develop and deliver unique marketing solutions or coach your team through a proprietary marketing strategy framework, respectively.

Strategy Consulting…

and coaching can help you take control of your business. 

Developed from 30 years of real-world experience, the 6 To Fix Marketing Strategy Framework focuses on six key strategy areas that marketing can and should affect.

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Brand Strategy

Your brand is intentional, creates value, and something you can control. Certainly deserves some strategy.

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Offering Strategy

What you sell and how it is delivered is crucial…yet, this area is often assumed, lacking strategy.

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Sales Strategy

The absolute driver to survive and thrive. Sales solves a lot of problems yet so many companies “wing it.”

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Customer Strategy

Customers – internal and external are the lifeblood of the business. Probably deserves strategy, right?

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Marketing Strategy

Much more than communications; a multi-tentacled beast that is both strategy and execution.

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Management Strategy

Can’t fix what you can’t see…but you can manage what you measure. Technology helps. A lot.


The 6 To Fix Marketing Coaching Program is about making your organization as self sufficient as possible. We'll take you through six key strategy areas along with bi-weekly calls, and bite-size educational content in Strategic Glue University - our custom coaching and e-learning platform. Check out the brief Coaching Program video below.


Custom consulting solutions are tailored to your company and are focused on the six key strategy areas that marketing can and should affect (see above). Client solutions have included brand strategy, general marketing strategy, retention and acquisition programs, and digital strategy, among others. Check out the Consulting video below. 

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Color Art: Branding

Learn how St. Louis' largest environment solutions company merged multiple division brands and the silo effect into a more integrated, cohesive, and unified brand. 

ZeaVision/EyePromise: Customer Strategy

Learn how leading eye health nutriceutical company, ZeaVision Holdings, Inc. addressed customer engagement and retention through a focused Customer Retention program.

Bigfoot Lacrosse: Strategy

Learn how Bigfoot Lacrosse, the leading lacrosse brand in the Northwest pivoted its brand positioning to focus on new markets inclduing training and e-commerce. 

GO! St. Louis: Digital Marketing

Learn how GO! St. Louis, a non-profit that promotes health and fitness through running leveraged existing data to drive branded, personalized marketing.

Elsevier: Student Rep Program

Learn how Elsevier, the global leader in health science publishing helped build its Evolve online platform brand and acquire new customers through a unique “Student Rep Program.” 

Aging in Place STL: Branding

Learn why Aging in Place USA, a start-up in a new category with a large target market needed a brand strategy to launch its business and connect with prospects. 

Kenny Terbrock Signature Build: Branding

Learn how Kenny Terbrock Signature Build built its brand strategy and brand identity amid the Great Recession to become one of the Midwest’s premier custom home builders.

Mozingo Music: Brand Strategy

Learn how Mozingo Music created a unique sub-brand, “M2ST: Mozingo Music Street Team” to create brand awareness, relevance, and experience among a younger target audience.

Mozingo Music: Customer Strategy

Learn how Mozingo Music, a leading independent music equipment retailer embraced a customer retention strategy that enabled them to connect with current customers through unique, interactive, and personalized content.


Terry Sullivan on "Using Data to Drive Your Marketing Strategy" panel at UMSL's Midwest Digital Marketing Conference on April 9, 2020.