Small Business Consulting with Focus on Value Creation

Founded in 2009, Strategic Glue provides small business consulting and coaching services to foster growth and value creation through six key strategy areas of marketing. We’ve found that most companies face similar marketing challenges; scale is often the differentiator.

A lot of business issues are really marketing issues; those related to customers, competition, product, pricing, etc. Yet, marketing is often thought of as marketing communications – things like advertising and social media, for example.

Companies often miss opportunities that marketing strategy can and should affect including brand, customer, and offering strategy, among others. This is where small business consulting and coaching comes in as strategy is concerned with business issues, not just communications issues. Over the years, Strategic Glue clients have ranged from $1M to $200M+ in revenue.

Small Business Consulting

Marketing Strategy Coaching

Many companies struggle with in-house marketing strategy because they lack resources, time, or expertise…or simply don’t know what to do.

We can help you build a more strategic marketing function in your business with a coaching program that teaches you and your team to be both strategic and self-sufficient.

small business consulting
small business consulting

Small Business Consulting

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Getting outside help isn’t easy. It’s analogous to inviting a stranger to stay in your home. We get it. That’s why we start with the basics: empathy and understanding. 

From Brand Strategy to Customer Retention to custom-developed tech solutions, we start with you and your company.

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Branding Case Study Video: Color Art

“We chose Strategic Glue for our rebranding effort because Terry was interested in the inside of the company, not just developing a new logo.” 

Gary Mindel

CEO and COO, Color Art


Relationships are everything. 

You really get to know people when you learn about their business. It might be business, but in many cases, it's also very personal. We get it. 

“We engaged with Strategic Glue for marketing consulting in 2009, and Terry joined our company as VP of Sales and Marketing for 5 years after that. Terry continues to consult with us, and I highly recommend him for strategy, branding, sales and marketing integration, and digital marketing. It is unusual for marketers to accept accountability for the results…Terry does.”

Dennis Gierhart

Chairman, ZeaVision Holdings, Inc.

“Terry is a strategic thinker who possesses strong creativity and brand building skills. At Ignite! Learning, we experienced significant growth and profitability in a short time after Terry’s arrival. More importantly, he led the charge of re-positioning the brand to build lasting value for the company. If you want to build your brand in a way that integrates sales and marketing efforts, Terry is your guy.”

Alan Davis

Former President and CEO, Ignite! Learning

Client Case Studies

We have formed some great relationships since 2009. Click the button below to review some case studies. 

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