Case Study: Aging in Place

Learn why Aging in Place USA, a start-up in a new category with a large target market needed a brand strategy to launch its business and connect with prospects.

This case study provides insight into: 

  1. The objectives behind the strateg
  2. How the strategy was developed
  3. Execution, measurability, and reporting

Case Study Overview

Executive Summary

Aging in Place USA, a start-up specializing in construction and consulting services enabling seniors to remain in the homes longer as their age. In 2009, Strategic Glue developed the brand strategy and launch plan as the concept was gaining national momentum.

About Aging in Place USA

Founded in 2009, Aging in Place USA provides construction and consulting services to serve the needs of aging Baby Boomers, estimated to exceed 20% of the US population or approximately 65 million by 2030.

“Start-ups are difficult; building a brand from scratch takes time, patience, and knowledge. Strategic Glue did a lot of heavy lifting in terms of research and brand strategy.”

Kenny Terbrock

President, Aging in Place St. Louis


Low awareness of “aging in place”; uneducated market; vast primary and secondary target audiences; limited financial and human resources; time.


Develop a brand strategy that crystallizes the business opportunity and vision of the company; identify and accurately understand the needs of the primary and secondary target markets; develop a brand identity that resonates with respective audiences; and complete launch deliverables with a tight timeline.


The Aging in Place USA brand strategy comprised the following phases and deliverables:

1. Market Research

2. Analyses

3. Strategy

4. Positioning

5. Identity


The fast-tracked project was launched within 3-months including a comprehensive brand strategy; promotional launch plan; and tactical execution including website and collateral. Aging in Place USA realized several benefits including:

1. Reduced Time-to-Market

2. Cost Containment

3. Brand Value

Time-to-Market was maximized with a comprehensive 30-page brand strategy, promotional launch plan, and tactical execution including website and collateral completed within 90 days.

Cost Containment was realized by leveraging Strategic Glue’s resources for market research; analyses and brand strategy; brand identity; and brand activation.

Brand Value was the long-term goal to refine the business concept, organization practices, and operating processes. Ultimately, Aging in Place USA’s goal was to sell franchises throughout the US, or develop an exit strategy as an acquisition target of a larger industry player or healthcare provider.

“We had some serious acquisition interest in the years following the launch of AIP USA. I attribute much of that interest to the work initially performed by Strategic Glue in getting the business off the ground.”

Days to complete execution plan including website and collateral

Project Creative

Aging in Place deliverables included: 

  • Brand Strategy, Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Website
  • Brochures

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