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Business coaching – whether for small businesses or more advanced companies – can add substantial horsepower to the growth and value creation of the enterprise as well as to individual employees. And chances are pretty good if the challenge or opportunity has to do with product, price, place, promotion, or people, it’s a marketing issue. 

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How Can Business Coaching Help with Your Marketing? 

Many businesses are resource challenged – either human or financial – and in some cases, a company may decide to outsource marketing when they need it. In a lot of smaller businesses, they may have some marketing resources, but perhaps, those resources are newer, wearing multiple hats with different job functions, or the company may just want to become as self-sufficient as possible.

Whatever the case, coaching can be very valuable because a coach helps you and your company develop as business professionals (marketer, etc.) without the expense of adding headcount or paying for consultants and/or freelancers to do the work. Coaching adds value to your business because the investment is in helping your employees – your most valuable asset – become even more valuable through mentorship, knowledge, and expertise that is focused on your business. As with anything, it pays dividends to do your research to ensure you are getting a coach who can really help you and add value to your business. 


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Why the 6-To-Fix Business Coaching Program is Different

Based on 30 years of experience of working at small and large companies as well as with myriad clients, the 6-To-Fix Marketing Coaching Program focuses on six key strategy areas that marketing can and should affect to foster business growth and value creation.

The six strategy areas represent the most important aspects of marketing, which affect virtually every company, large or small. Most businesses face the same challenges; it is often a matter of scale. 6-To-Fix is a framework to help build growth and value by placing emphasis on the key areas that can affect to make a lasting impact on your business.

6-To-Fix Marketing Strategy Framework

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Branding has become an overused, sort of bloated term. Everything is a brand. But, in an environment where everything is a commodity, brands are more important than ever. Your brand is something that you can be proactive about: how it’s positioned when people think about it; how it reflects upon your products and services; and how it stacks against competitors, among many other things. Check out resources on Strategic Glue University to learn more about brand strategy.


 6-To-Fix Business Coaching Brand Strategy




There are different types of customers. Existing customers, prospective customers, and internal customers (team members). Customers are the lifeblood of the business, and all are important to the growth and sustainability of the business. Each should be rewarded with their own respective strategy of how they are managed, treated, and maintained. How much of your company’s time, resources, and effort are spent generating leads or attempting to close sales? It makes a lot of sense to strategically plan for the customer experience of each of these customer types. Check out resources on Strategic Glue University to learn more about customer strategy. 


6-To-Fix Business Coaching Customer Strategy



Your products and services are likely sold and serviced in an assumed some sort of way – probably without a lot of strategy associated with them. An offering strategy is different than Marketing or Sales. It’s a way of prioritizing from an organizational standpoint what is the primary offering, what is secondary, and what does the entire “delivery process” look like from a customer point of view?

6-To-Fix Business Coaching Customer Strategy


Marketing strategy is often focused primarily on “marketing communications” – the tactics that promote the company and attract customers to the brand. But, marketing is about product, pricing, distribution, and people as well as promotion. Marketing is strategy and execution, and enables sales, customer experience, and differentiation, among others. Marketing basically touches every part of the business; how can we not have a documented marketing strategy? Check out resources on Strategic Glue University to learn more about marketing strategy. 


6-To-Fix Business Coaching Customer Strategy



If customers are the lifeblood of the company, sales is the vein or conduit to bringing customers in the door. But, sales covers a lot of ground: acquiring new customers; retaining existing customers; following-up on leads; working with marketing; the list goes on and on. But, for a lot of companies, this is haphazard at best, and sales operates like the lone cowboy in an old western. Sales has evolved immensely with technology and marketing. Has yours? 


6-To-Fix Business Coaching Customer Strategy



Setting goals and objectives is obviously important but what about the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to ensure you’re getting where you need to go? You can only manage what you measure, and if you’re not measuring, how do you know you’re succeeding…or not succeeding? In today’s increasingly technical environment, it has become essential to understand what you can do and how to implement technology to gain more intel to run your business more effectively.

6-To-Fix Business Coaching Customer Strategy


Learn More About Business Coaching

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What if our company has a specific strategy area covered?

That strategy area could be skipped but would still be evaluated with the client in the overall 6-To-Fix framework. The key is having the strategy areas compliment one other as they are all related.

How long does the coaching program last?

This varies for each client based on time, employees, etc., but the coaching program could be covered in 6 months to one year.

How much does 6-To-Fix cost?

This cost varies based on number of employees participating in the program, and whether coaching calls are held every week or two weeks. Pricing starts at $1,000.00 per month.

How is the pricing structured?

First, 6-To-Fix is a custom developed marketing strategy framework developed from the ground-up to help companies foster growth and value creation through their marketing. Second, our e-learning and coaching portal, Strategic Glue University helps you get more from the program, reinforces concepts learned, and helps reduce overall costs by using technology.

Third, an assigned coach has one-hour weekly or bi-weekly calls to ensure you are able to effectively apply the concepts to your business.

Are there discounts for multiple employees who go through the program?

Yes. There is a generous sliding scale for multiple employees, which is dependent on how often the coaching calls are structured and the number of employees.

We are located in a different city. Can we still do the 6-To-Fix Coaching Program?

Absolutely. Between our e-learning and coaching portal, Strategic Glue University, and Zoom, our preferred web conferencing solution, the entire program was designed to facilitate remote clients.

Do you have testimonials from others who have participated in the coaching program?

Yes, we do. While the 6-To-Fix Coaching Program is brand new, we have been applying all of the 6-To-Fix concepts to various client engagements over the last 10 years.

We’ve read about the Coaching Program and watched videos, can’t we just do this ourselves?

Probably, but probably not. For starters, this is a comprehensive framework that when implemented in its entirety should have lasting impact on your business. It takes time, diligence, and commitment. Secondly, you have an assigned coach who is working with you throughout the process, which helps with implementation, accountability, and results.

Is 6-To-Fix only for small business?

No. The program is ideally suited for small businesses because they are more likely to not have these strategy areas nailed down due to limited resources, expertise on staff, etc., but can apply to medium size businesses as well. We’ve worked with one million-dollar companies to companies exceeding $150 million in annual revenue.

What is Strategic Glue University and why do we need e-learning?

Strategic Glue University adds value to the 6-To-Fix Coaching Program by providing educational material to help you learn more about the concepts that you are applying in your business. These are designed and developed to be “bite-sized” pieces of learning content for adult learners who are either running a business or helping manage a business. It’s difficult to implement something with which you are unfamiliar, and this content informs, reinforces, and helps with application.

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