Case Study: Mozingo Music 

Learn how Mozingo Music, a leading independent music equipment retailer embraced a customer retention strategy that enabled them to connect with current customers through unique, interactive, and personalized content.

This case study provides insight into:

  1. The objectives behind the strategy
  2. How the strategy was developed
  3. Execution, measurability, and reporting

Case Study Overview

Executive Summary

Mozingo Music sought more engagement from its customer base with the goal of increasing customer retention, reaching selected personas, and building brand relevance among younger consumers (age 13-24). Strategic Glue developed, “Mozingo Music Scratch It,” a unique Customer Retention Program utilizing interactive technology and personalized, data-driven content.

About Mozingo Music

Founded in 1972, Mozingo Music is the oldest independent music equipment retailer in the St. Louis metropolitan area, and one of the few independent music companies remaining. With three retail locations and a growing online business, Mozingo Music has successfully traversed the difficult landscape of sustaining a multi-generation family business in an industry characterized by intense consolidation and competition.

“Reaching customers is never easy, but reaching our younger demographic is particularly challenging. Our goal was to create brand relevance amongst this group, and our programs with Strategic Glue certainly achieved that.”

Jeff Mozingo

President, Mozingo Music


Effectively leveraging existing customer relationships for increased sales, profitability, and brand value.

Additionally, utilizing the web in a unique way to engage with current customers; cultivate up-sell and cross-sell opportunities; while measuring activity and engagement.


Strategic Glue developed a customized website, “MozingoScratchIt.com,” whereupon visitors scratched-off screens with their mouse to reveal a “Winner” or “Try Again” message. A different monthly theme was featured (guitars, drums, etc.), and logic was developed to award one grand prize winner and two daily winners each month using web technology by Boingnet. Existing customer data was imported into Infusionsoft, which was used to deliver emails while tracking open and click-through rates.


The Mozingo Music Scratch It campaign comprised the following:

1. Personalized e-mail Campaigns

2. Custom-Developed Microsite

3. Interactive, scratch-off gaming

4. Reports on activity, engagement, and conversions


A variety of metrics were collected and reported on with the following positive outcomes:

  • Customer Engagement exceeded expectations with the microsite averaging 4x the amount of traffic compared to its company website.
  • In-Store Traffic increased significantly during the four-month online “Scratch It” campaign as compared with the same timeframe one year earlier.
  • Improved Customer Data and Segmentation occurred as a result of measuring open and clickthrough rates; segmenting those lists by name and email address allowed for future persona based direct marketing efforts (guitar, drums, etc.).
  • Customer Insights led to other marketing efforts including “M2ST: Mozingo Music Street Team,” and utilization of other e-mail messaging and content using PURLs (Personalized URLs) provided by Boingnet.

For more information on Mozingo Music, please visit: mozingomusic.com

“I have worked with Terry Sullivan and Strategic Glue on and off for more than 20 years. Strategic thinking, great ideas, and tireless work ethic – highly recommended.”


Increase in microsite customer engagement

Project Creative

Mozingo Music Scratch It! deliverables included: 

  • Theme Concept
  • Design
  • “Scratch and Play” Web Development, Programming
  • Landing Page

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