Case Study: ZeaVision/EyePromise

Learn how leading eye health nutriceutical company, ZeaVision Holdings, Inc. addressed customer engagement and retention through a focused Customer Retention program.

This case study provides insight into:

  1. The objectives behind the strategy
  2. How the strategy was developed
  3. Execution, measurability, and reporting

Case Study Overview

Executive Summary

ZeaVision, developer of industry-leading EyePromise eye health supplements faced a host of challenges regarding the retention, growth, and profitability of existing customers. Strategic Glue developed a one-year Customer Performance and Retention Program (CPR) to address these challenges.

About ZeaVision Holdings, Inc.

Founded in 2001, in St. Louis, Missouri, ZeaVision develops the highest quality eye supplements, which are sold through Eye Care Professionals as well as direct to consumers. ZeaVision employs approximately 35 people including a direct sales force as well as trainers and customer support representatives.

“You realize the importance of engaging the customer; and how that takes time, focus, and strategy. Taking care of the customers you already have is much different than acquiring new customers.”

Dennis Gierhart

CEO, ZeaVision Holdings, Inc.


Aggressive growth goals; value creation; profitable customer relationships by maximizing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV); and technology utilization for efficiency and an enhanced Customer Experience.


The one-year Customer Performance and Retention Program comprised strategy; content conception and creation; and program execution and management. The program leveraged existing company-owned technology infrastructure including a WordPress-based Portal; WooCommerce; HubSpot; Salesforce; and DOMO.


The CPR Program strategy was designed to meet the following objectives: Customer Experience; Portal Usage; Brand Loyalty; Sales Growth; and Efficiency. ZeaVision needed to leverage existing technology investments as well as Customer Acquisition Costs.


From the five program objectives, a host of metrics were captured, culminating in three areas of measurable outcomes: Customer Engagement; Customer Performance; Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency.

Customer Engagement increased year-over-year from 42% for Portal Visits and Log-ins to a 110% increase in EyePromise University Course enrollments, and an 82% increase in Courses completed (EyePromise University is a customer training app in the Portal).

Customer Performance year-over-year increases included a 15% increase in six out of eight product SKUs; an 80% increase in dollar volume of products ordered through the Portal; and a 31% increase in unique Customers ordering marketing support materials (to help sell in Eye Care practices) through the Portal.

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency included: a 48% year-over-year increase in unique Customers ordering through the Portal versus placing orders through Customer Support; an 85% increase in total monthly orders through the Portal; and the identification of up to $300,000.00 cost savings of training Customers online versus instructor-led training via webinar or in-practice.

For more information on EyePromise/ZeaVision, please visit eyepromise.com

“Strategic Glue was intent on getting results, and truly helping us; it wasn’t trying to extend a consulting engagement. If anything, they showed us what we could and should be doing on our own, so we wouldn’t need them on an on-going basis.”


Increase in online orders vs. orders place through Customer Support

Project Creative

ZeaVision/EyePromise deliverables included: 

  • Content Development including: 
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Email Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Personalization
  • Landing Pages
  • e-Books
  • Calculators

A Few of Our Clients

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Relationships are everything. 

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“We engaged with Strategic Glue for marketing consulting in 2009, and Terry joined our company as VP of Sales and Marketing for 5 years after that. Terry continues to consult with us, and I highly recommend him for strategy, branding, sales and marketing integration, and digital marketing. It is unusual for marketers to accept accountability for the results…Terry does.”

Dennis Gierhart

Chairman, ZeaVision Holdings, Inc.

“Terry is a strategic thinker who possesses strong creativity and brand building skills. At Ignite! Learning, we experienced significant growth and profitability in a short time after Terry’s arrival. More importantly, he led the charge of re-positioning the brand to build lasting value for the company. If you want to build your brand in a way that integrates sales and marketing efforts, Terry is your guy.”

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